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Headaches are one of the most common ailments among men, women and even children in the U.S., and because they can have so many underlying causes, treatment can be difficult – and often ineffective. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports as many as 30 percent of adults have severe headaches, including migraines, and millions more have chronic headaches, which, while not as intense as migraines, can still have debilitating effects.

Many headaches occur as a result of strain, pinched or irritated nerves, or issues with circulation that impede blood flow to the brain or the area surrounding it. While taking pain relievers is a popular treatment for relieving some symptoms, it doesn’t treat the underlying causes of headaches, which means they’re much more likely to recur.

Headaches and Your Health

Yes, headaches are painful all on their own; but they can also often be an indicator of other conditions, including chronic stress and soft tissue injury or strain. Your head is heavy, weighing about 11 pounds, and your neck must support all that weight. Improper posture and stress exert forces that can cause neck muscles and other soft tissues to become irritated and inflamed, pressing on nerves and pulling the neck and upper spine out of alignment. The same forces can even extend to the jaw, throwing the jaw joints out of alignment and resulting in tempomandibular joint disorder (TMJ). Plus, irritation can impede the flow of blood, causing chronic migraine headaches that can even interfere with vision.

How Chiropractic Care Can Help

Because chiropractic medicine is focused on the relationships between bones, joints and soft tissues, it can be an ideal solution for the treatment of persistent headaches. Skillful adjustment of the bones in the neck and upper spine can help relieve uneven strains on muscles and joints, freeing nerves and restoring healthy circulation for optimal brain and tissue health. With regular gentle adjustments, you can relieve even the most nagging headache symptoms. Plus, you can receive guidance and education about posture and other habits that can help you avoid headaches in the future.

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