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Pinched nerves are a common condition that can occur wherever a nerve becomes compressed, or “pinched,” by other tissues like bones, muscles, tendons or spinal discs. Muscle inflammation and herniated spinal discs (the spongy material between the bones in your spine) are common causes, and although the compression may occur in one specific spot, the effects of a pinched nerve can extend throughout broad areas of the body, making diagnosis and treatment difficult.

Pinched nerves are a common result of car accidents and slip-and-fall accidents, but they can also occur from overuse or repetitive strain injuries where irritated and inflamed muscles or tendons press on nerves, causing widespread pain and other symptoms. Even poor posture can cause painful nerve compression. The best way to relieve a pinched nerve is to locate and then alleviate pressure so the nerve functions the way it’s supposed to.

The Impact of Pinched Nerves

The body contains many miles of nerves that extend from the brain to every other area of your body. Nerves help us feel pain, temperature and other sensations, and they also transmit messages from the brain that help organs and other tissues function normally. When a nerve is pinched, sensations can be altered, resulting in pain, numbness and weakness in the areas served by that nerve. But when a pinched nerve interrupts signals between the brain and an organ other than the skin, it can also cause internal symptoms that can be much more difficult to diagnose and treat.

How Chiropractic Can Help

Because chiropractic considers the intricate relationships among all the organs and tissues of the body, it can be an ideal treatment approach for pinched nerves. By gently manipulating and stretching the joints, including the joints between the spine bones (or vertebrae), pressures on nerves can be located and gently relieved, restoring the normal nerve communication signals between he brain and the rest of the body and eliminating symptoms like shooting, burning pain, diffuse aching and numbness. Chiropractic helps relieve inflammation and irritation by helping joints resume their normal alignment and releasing toxins that build up in injured tissues, promoting healthy circulation essential to complete healing.

Relieve the pain of pinched nerves.

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