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Do you suffer from chronic stress? Millions of people do, and the effects can be serious. Everyone gets “stressed out” from time to time, but when the condition is chronic – persisting for weeks and even months – it can take a major toll on your life and your health, significantly increasing your risks for several serious medical conditions and diseases, including heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, immune disorders and more.

At Health 1st, our practitioners are skilled at recognizing the effects of chronic stress and in helping men and women overcome those effects. We use advanced techniques designed not only to help relieve the anxious, stressed-out feelings you’re experiencing, but also to mitigate the physical and emotional manifestations of chronic stress so you can enjoy maximum health and wellness.

Stress and Your Body

When you suffer from chronic stress, your body releases stress hormones, chemicals that can cause a chain reaction of undesirable effects throughout your body, including raising your heart rate, your blood pressure and your blood sugar levels and contributing to chronic inflammation in blood vessels and organs. Stress can occur for many reasons, including both physical causes and emotional reasons like major life changes or “family problems.” Sometimes, even changes within our own bodies, like fighting off a disease or age-related hormonal changes can be enough to bring on stress. Because the effects of chronic stress are so widespread, it requires a whole-body approach to manage.

How Chiropractic Can Help

Unlike traditional medicine that treats one symptom at a time, chiropractic care focuses on the whole patient, beginning with an exam and a discussion of symptoms so treatment can be customized for every person’s needs – not only to address current symptoms, but to manage the underlying causes of stress to prevent future symptoms as well. Through a careful program of spinal readjustment, therapeutic exercise and lifestyle guidance, chiropractic helps patients rebalance their health by restoring circulation and nerve communication between the brain and the rest of the body, releasing toxins and counteracting widespread negative effects that can cause illness.

Relieve the symptoms of chronic stress with skilled chiropractic care.

Dealing with chronic stress can be a frustrating experience, especially when you’ve been struggling with finding care. At Health 1st, we have extensive experience helping patients manage their chronic stress. Call us today at (661) 324-4431 and schedule your consultation to learn how we can help you lead a healthier, more balanced, less stressful life.

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